Pipeline Cleaning

Super Disc Pigs

  • Super Disc Pig
    • Interchangeable components for changing job requirements.
    • Long wearing, durable, lightweight.
    • All polyurethane construction.
  • Optional Magnetic Super Pig
  • Super Disc Pig
  • Super Parafin Pig
  • Super Pig Multi-Diameter

Poly Pigs

  • Bare - Heavy Duty Drying
  • Coated - Heavy Duty Wiping
  • Wire - Heavy Duty Scraping
  • Carbide - Heavy Duty Scraping
  • Swab - Light Duty Drying
  • Power Brush - Maximum Scraping
  • Plastic Brush - Smooth Brushing
  • Bi-Directional - Liquid Removal; bi-directional runs

Mandrel Pigs

  • Available with scraper cups, conical cups, or discs for bi-directional operation.
  • Multi-component pig assemblies for cleaning, batching, and gauging.
  • Heavy duty spring loaded brush pig.

Cast Pigs

  • Tuffcast - Combines a conical sealing cup with a scraping disc providing both actions in one pig. The solid cast construction makes for a lightweight and economical general purpose cleaning pig.
  • Other options - Super Cast Disc pig / Optima Cast Pig